Poster Session

ORC Posters

  1. Daniel Pimentel-Alarcón, Robert Nowak, Adaptive strategy for restricted-sampling noisy low-rank matrix completion
  2. Kwang-Sung Jun, Xiaojin Zhu, Timothy Rogers, Zhuoran Yang, and Ming Yuan. Human memory search as initial-visit emitting random walk
  3. Urvashi Oswal, Christopher Cox, Timothy Rogers, Robert Nowak, Inferring brain activity through pairwise comparisons

  4. Aniruddha Bhargava and Xin Jiang, Rebecca Willett, Robert Nowak, Searching for a personal needle in a haystack: image search and data thinning
  5. Blake Mason, Martina Rau, and Robert Nowak, A Computational Framework for Analysis of Perceptual Learning in Personalized Education.
  6. Kevin Jamieson, Lalit Jain, April Murphy, Chris Cox, Scott Sievert, NEXT: A system for active learning
  7. Kay Zheng, Laura Albert. Approximation Algorithms for Budgeted Maximum Multiple Coverage Problem and Its Extensions
  8. Suzan Afacan, Laura Albert, An Integrated Network Design and Scheduling Problem for Network Restoration
  9. Cong Han Lim, Stephen J. Wright, Sorting Network Relaxations for Vector Permutation Problems
  10. Eric Dubois, Laura Albert, Modeling Ambulance Dispatch Systems During Extreme Weather Events
  11. Namsuk Cho, Jeff Linderoth, Row Partition Branching for the Set Partitioning Problem
  12. Jeff Poskin, Alberto Del Pia, Representability in Mixed-Integer Quadratic Programming

  13. Ravi Ganti, Laura Balzano, Rebecca Willett,  Matrix Completion Under Monotonic Constraints.

  14. Soovin Yoon, Laura Albert, Dynamic Priority Reassignment in Emergency Medical Services
  15. Ching-pei Lee, Distributed Box-constrained Quadratic Optimization for Dual Linear Support Vector Machines
  16. Wonjun Chang and Corbett Grainger, Theory of Optimal Sensor Placement under Dynamic Uncertainty; An Application to Ambient Air Pollution Monitoring
  17. Wonjun Chang, Catastrophic Thresholds and the Uncertainty Effect on Robust Climate Policy Recommendations
  18. Ji Lu, Srikrishna Sridhar, Chris Re, Steve Wright and Victor Bittorf, Asynchronous Parallel Coordinate Descent and Applications
  19. Xin Jiang, Rebecca Willett, Data Thinning for Wide-Area Motion Imagery
  20. Eric Hall and Rebecca Willett, Online learning of neural network structure from spike trains
  21. Steve Wangen, Austin Milt, Jeff Dischler, Thomas Neeson, Allison Moody, Peter McIntyre, and Michael Ferris, Fishwerks Barrier Removal Optimization Tool
  22. Steve Wangen,Adam Christensen, Jeff Dischler, Tom Cox and Michael Ferris,  Agricultural Nutrient Management Optimization Tool
  23. Zack Charles and Nigel Boston,  Algebraic Approaches to the Belgian Chocolate Problem
  24. Carla Michini, Alberto Del Pia, M. Ferris,  Totally Unimodular Congestion Games
  25. Youngdae Kim, A Linear Programming- Based Pivotal Method for Affine Variational Inequalities and its Nonlinear Extension.

  26. Andrew Schreiber and Thomas Rutherford, The Economic Impact of Groundwater Restrictions in the Central Sands 

  27. Alex Dowling and Victor Zavala, Electricity Market Incentives and Implications for the Control of Energy Systems